Dermaplane facial - £35.00

Pro60 & dermaplane facial - £50

Dermaplaning is a popular skincare treatment and is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin.

What is dermaplane?

The process involves using a scalpel at a 45 degree angle to remove peach fuzz and to lightly exfoliate the skin’s surface.  The aim of dermaplaning is to make your skin smooth and radiant.

It will get rid of all dead skin and oils from the skin meaning breakouts are less likely to happen.

Removing all the peach fuzz from your face is a big bonus as excess hair can trap in oils and dirt

which can lead to problems such as blocked pores and breakouts.

Who can have it?

Dermaplaning can be used for anyone with:
acne scars
dull skin
dry skin
sun-damaged skin
fine wrinkles

What is the process?

Double Cleanse, Steam, Dermaplanning, Mask , Mosituriser & SPF

What is the aftercare?

After getting demplaning you should:

Keep your skin hydrated and moisturised after treatment
Avoid heat, saunas, hot tubs and sweaty activity for 24 hours
Avoid products containing any exfoliating agents

(retinoic acid, retinol, tretinoin, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, astringents, etc.) for 24 hours
Do your usual skincare routine
Not wear makeup for 24 hours

How often should i get it done?

It is best to wait a month/4 weeks between treatments, if you have sensitive skin you can make this longer.

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